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Public Utilities


Bear Energy Services is the ideal choice for all your sewer bypass needs. Our team has the necessary
experience to handle projects of any size, ensuring efficient and effective results. We offer a wide range of
products and services that can cater to your needs, no matter when or where you need them. At Bear Energy Services, we understand the urgency of your projects, and our emergency response culture reflects that.
You can rely on us to fulfill all your sewer bypass requirements.

Temporary bypass pumping systems are crucial for transferring or detouring fluids, keeping projects dry, and maintaining vital services uninterrupted during construction. At Bear Energy Services, we specialize in
innovative ideas to complete projects while controlling cost factors, time sensitivity, system reliability, and redundancy. This approach minimizes customer risk and improves production and overall project quality.​

  • Storm, sanitary and combined sewer bypasses

  • Customized bypass system design

  • Bypass pumping plans

  • Certified, experienced installation, monitoring and decommissioning according to regulations

  • Environmentally compliant equipment, such as fish baskets and spill containment

  • Filtration and treatment services

  • Best Management Practices (BMPs)

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Oil & Gas


Let Bear Energy Services assist your team with laying out, setting up, maintaining, and operating system pumps and related equipment for your oil and gas work sites. With extensive experience in all types of mobile piping systems, including aluminum pipes, lay-flat hoses, and HDPE, we are well-equipped to support hydraulic fracturing. Our team will ensure that your Company is positively represented throughout the project and beyond.


Bear Energy Services offers expert assistance and management for water used in fracturing operations. Our experienced operators monitor pipelines, pumps, tanks, manifolds, pressures, filtration, and in-line heating to ensure that the system operates at the highest level of efficiency. Our team works closely with our partners and customers to maintain the required tank storage, flow rates, and temperatures, enabling continuous fracturing operations. We rely on our trained operators to provide the high-quality service that our customers expect.




Temporary diversion methods are used to redirect the flow of water from a stream or limit it to a specific area to allow construction work to take place in the stream, on its banks or beneath the active channel. These methods are necessary when working on projects such as building detention ponds, dams, in-stream grade control structures, utility installation, and other activities that require working in waterways. The goal of temporary diversion methods is to protect the quality of water by diverting upstream flows around the active construction zone. Examples of temporary diversion methods include temporary diversion channels, pump-a-rounds, piped diversions, coffer dams, and similar techniques.


Looking for help with pipeline cleaning, filling, or testing projects? Look no further than Bear Energy Services. With expertise and experience in pressure and flow requirements, we can assist you in completing any pipeline pigging or testing task. Count on us for reliable and efficient service. And if you need additional workforce assistants, we're here to help with that too. Choose Bear Energy Services for all your pipeline needs.


Construction & Environment

Bear Energy Services is fully equipped to handle any type of pumping emergency that may arise during our regular operations. We guarantee that our emergency pumping services are managed effectively by having multiple departments work closely together with open lines of communication and a complete understanding of the urgency involved.


Flood Response

Bear Energy Services is a trusted company that responds to emergencies and relief efforts of all magnitudes. We offer a wide range of products that help counter the devastation caused by natural disasters such as floods and storms. Our proven track record of keeping floodwaters at bay makes
us a reliable option to reach out to in times of crisis. We are available 24/7 to respond to emergencies anywhere in the nation.


Mining & Quarry

Bear Energy Services provides reliable dewatering support for mine and quarry operations. Our team is equipped to manage water where it is present and promptly deal with unexpected water-related issues. Mine and quarry operators can rely on Bear Energy Services for all their dewatering needs.

For open-pit mines, we pump out seasonal rainwater and seepage, irrespective of the solids content, to ensure that the pit remains dry. We also lower the water table to prevent the influx of groundwater.

In mineral processing applications, we offer a range of services, including the supply of mine water, pumping of process fluids for heap leaching and solvent extraction, recovery of emergency dam slurry, handling of nuisance fluid and slurry, and provision of pumps for water treatment.

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