More advanced programs are being developed to provide existing employees with more comprehensive skills as well as individual paths for career advancement.
This program sets a standardized process for employees to start with training, progress through a mentor program that provides and evaluates operational skill level and safety compliance, receive leadership training, and ultimately advance into leadership positions within the company.
Bear Energy also provides a wide ranging series of Professional Development course work designed to help all employees advance their personal and professional growth as it applies to their careers. Our belief is that the more we can develop the personal and professional growth of our employees the better we can serve our customers.

Some of the Benefits of using Bear Energy:

  • We carry a $6,000,000.00 insurance policy

  • We eliminate the hassles of handling payroll taxes, workers comp, unemployment benefits

  • You have access to experienced employees that can meet tight deadlines

  • We eliminate any additional cost to get employees up to speed

  • We eliminate the cost of employee benefits

  • You Gain people that can hit the ground running with a high efficiency success rate and job completion

  • Have access to employees in the lower 48 states

  • You gain the right people for the right job

  • Ability to adjust your workforce as needed