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Advanced programs are in development to offer existing employees more comprehensive skills and individual career advancement paths. This program follows a standardized process where employees begin with training, progress
through a mentor program to evaluate their operational skill level and safety compliance, receive leadership training,
and ultimately advance into leadership positions within the company. Additionally, Bear Energy provides a wide range of Professional Development coursework designed to help all employees advance their personal and professional growth in relation to their careers. We believe that by developing the personal and professional growth of our employees, we can
better serve our customers.

Choose Us for Proven Results

  • Immediate access to experienced employees to meet all your business goals.

  • High efficiency success rate and job completion.

  • Versatility to adjust your workforce as needed.

  • Access to our employees in the lower 48 states.

  • Certified employees in ;
      • HDPE poly fusion.
      • Forklift, Telehandler, Mini EX.
      • Safety and continuing education.

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