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Bear Energy Services is a water transfer company that operates nationwide and is dedicated to providing your business with certified and qualified labor. Since its inception in 2014, the company has made safety its top priority. All employees are safety-certified, have passed background checks, and participate in the company's random drug testing program.

To better serve its customers with a well-trained workforce, Bear Energy Services has developed a comprehensive training program for all of its employees. This program includes equipment and tool orientation, procedures, and safety protocols before entering the field. Classroom instruction and simulated field experiences are provided to give employees a head start into the safety culture. The company believes that by developing its employees' personal and professional growth, it can serve its customers better.

Our Key Services Include

  • Sewer Bypass

  • Pump Watch

  • Wellpoint Dewatering 

  •  Water Transfer

  • HDPE Fusion Services

  • Emergency Response

  • Frac Moves

  • Location Cleaning

  • Roustabout Services

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